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Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am a Commissioner on the Streamwood Park District Board. In addition, I have nearly twenty years of experience in finance and lending. A mother of three, and an immigrant, I believe strongly that family and community bonds are drawn closer together when we honor and protect the immigrant communities who made, and continue to make, America such a source of hope around the world. As part of this, I also strive to make the State of Illinois a more welcoming place for vulnerable populations.

Political leaders from multicultural backgrounds, have shown how this country can simultaneously promote the status of these historically marginalized groups while also representing everyone. As an Illinois State Senator, I will apply my interpersonal skills and experience working with a diverse array of stakeholders to fight for my constituent’s needs, no matter what their background.

As a community member engaging in public service with a business background, I have a nuanced appreciation of the critical challenges we are facing at the state and municipal level. I have helped streamline Park District spending while maintaining the quality of our services to constituents.  As a veteran Loan Officer, I have gone above and beyond for people looked over by other lenders, to be able to secure the loans that they could afford, in order to give them the means to pursue their dreams.

After years of being encouraged to run by my community, I finally agreed to enter the race for Illinois State Senator! Our current elected leadership has grown complacent, and is out of touch with constituent needs. It is unacceptable to raise taxes on those whose incomes are already stretched, or vote according to what the party establishment dictates, rather than what families in our district need. As your State Senator, I will answer to constituents, not special interest groups or corporations

As you will see in my issues platform, our goals are ambitious but achievable. More importantly, I firmly believe a bold, progressive agenda will make Illinois and the country as a whole safer, greener, and a fairer place for all to live in.

Please join me as we make history!

Rae Yawer

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